About the presenter: Judith Kuster, M.S. in speech-language pathology and M.S. in counseling, is an ASHA Fellow and professor of Communication Disorders at Minnesota State University, Mankato. She is the webmaster for the Stuttering Home Page as well as the coordinator of this online conference. She holds Specialty Recognition in Stuttering and is the recipient of the ASHF DiCarlo Award for Outstanding Clinical Achievement, the 2003 Distinguished Contributor Award from the International Fluency Association. a 2007 Outstanding Contribution Award from the International Stuttering Association, the 2008 ASHA Distinguished Contributor Award, and in 2009 named to the National Stuttering Association's Hall of Fame.


A Cluttering Yahoo Group

by Judith Kuster
from Minnesota, USA

The yahoo group, Cluttering, was created by Joseph Dewey in September 2003. It currently has over 400 members subscribed although over 100 of them are "bouncing" members which means they are not currently receiving messages or participating in the group at the time this article was written. There are typically fewer than 20 messages/month posted and responded to, although the number of messages in a single month has ranged from 0-106. Although the founder has not posted since March 2009, several others continue to sustain an active exchange of ideas and information.

Very important components of the Cluttering Yahoo Group are the treasures the founder has placed under the "File," "Links," and "Polls." These sections have probably the most information about cluttering found in one place on the internet. You must be a member of the Cluttering Yahoo Group to access the files, links and polls section, but everything is freely available. The following are some of the treasures available. (Only several of those listed by Joseph Dewey, the group owner, are cited below. Additional resources have been uploaded by other members of the Cluttering Yahoo Group as well).


LINKS (some of the links listed by Dewey may no longer be functional)


Anyone interested in cluttering, both consumers and professionals, are invited to join the Cluttering Yahoo Group

Note: With the yahoo groups, you are able to either receive the email messages or you also have the option to set your subscription to "no mail" and simply open the group site (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cluttering) and read and post messages online.

SUBMITTED: March 23, 2010

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