ABOUT THE PRESENTER : Peter Kissagizlis was from East Yorkshire in the north of the UK. He worked as a motor mechanic for many years and, an avid boater himself, also worked as a marina lock keeper for British Waterways in Hull until 2000. Peter passed away November 8, 2009. Before his death, Peter devoted a lot of time to voluntary work. He was chair of consumer issues for the International Cluttering Association and secretary of the Hull & East Yorkshire Stammerers self help group which was associated with the British Stammering Association. Peter was a founder member of the local support group and built and maintained the web site: www.speakingout.org.uk He also wrote their regular newsletter.

An Interview with Peter Kissagizlis: Cluttering and Me

by Peter Kissagizlis

Peter Kissagizlis consented to share some of his personal story along with a short movie of his speaking and samples of his handwriting and "unguarded" typing. Originally part of the 2008 International Stuttering Awareness Day online conference, it is included here as an example of cluttering, and as a tribute to Peter's unselfish commitment to help others understand cluttering. (Judy Kuster)

A sample of Peter's speaking An interview with Peter, videotaped by Tom Kuster in Razlog, Bulgaria, May 2007.

A sample of Peter's handwriting:

A sample of Peter's "unguarded" typing, telling some of his personal story:

Ok, nuffs. enough! eh? the above sentences were typed as I type, I have made no attempt to delibertaly slow down or edit the text, this sentence is deliberately typed slow (waht a difficult job!) and aslo I have edited some of it, as even when typing slowly, I make mistakes.

SUBMITTED: January 14, 2010

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