About the presenter: Kathleen Scaler Scott, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Speech-Language Pathology at Misericordia University and a Board Recognized Fluency Specialist. She has been a practicing clinician for over 15 years. Dr. Scaler Scott has authored and co-authored several articles and book chapters in fluency disorders, and is co-editor of the forthcoming textbook, Cluttering: A handbook of research, intervention, and education with Dr. David Ward. She is Coordinator of the International Cluttering Association.


Help the ICA Choose a Logo

by Kathy Scaler Scott
from Pennsylvania, USA

The International Cluttering Association (ICA) was founded in May 2007, with the mission of helping increase awareness and education about the communication disorder cluttering. Though the ICA is approaching its third birthday and has grown tremendously in membership, it is still without a logo to officially represent it. The ICA is currently working on developing by-laws to become an official organization, and is in need of a logo. During its first year, several ideas for logos were submitted. Due to logistical issues of a newly developing organization, the ideas were never moved forward into an official logo contest. Well, just as with this conference, we feel it is about time to choose a logo for the ICA! So, we are asking for your input. Below are either actual logos or logo ideas submitted to the ICA. Before you review the logos, please first review the principles the ICA executive board was hoping a logo would represent.

Guidelines for the logo contest:

We are asking that you:

      1. Take a look at each logo and/or idea for logo below.
      2. Click on "questions/comments"
      3. Post a comment regarding your thoughts about logos or ideas you feel have particular merit to consider for the organization. Please be specific about your reasons for those to consider. You do not need to sign your response if you prefer it that way.

We thank you for your help, and look forward to your responses!


Four puzzle pieces with different colors. Three of them linked together containing the letters I C and A. The fourth piece is by itself and contains the word cluttering.




ICA Board: I am forwarding a sample "logo" (of a healthy tree) with this narrative. Attached is also an example of a tree that's not in such good shape, although we can probably come up with a better depiction that reflects a tree lacking symmetry, clarity of lines of the trunk and branches to reflect analogous symptoms of cluttering.

A concept for the ICA logo:

a. the logo of a tree
b. the type or architecture of the tree to be determined based on the following ideas:

Clinical implications if the above premises of effective communication are not fulfilled:

Other implications of a tree logo:


The design is a ven diagram of three circles

Below the design

In thinking about the design I considered the following points.

      1. Cluttering is overlapping and encompassing a. Venn diagram
      2. Cluttering can encompass a wide range of ideas in a small area. b. Overlapping circles with blended colors
        c. All colors of the spectrum
      3. Design should be representational and symbolic rather than comprehensive and detailed d. Venn diagram and colors of the spectrum
      4. Have some conciseness to the design e. Initial I and C and A, one to each circle
      5. Notification of the name of the organization f. Name of the organization below the circles.
      6. Representation and space consideration g. Non-linear graphic of name
        h. First line International
        i. Second line Cluttering Association
      7. International considerations Colors represents the entire rainbow. In a similar way, Olympic flag circles reportedly contain a color from the flag or each country represented.
      8. Size considerations j. Design can be enlarged or compressed and continues to retain basic look. The logo guideline suggest 150 x 150 pixels.



An iceberg floating in the ocean (famous Deso Weiss picture) with the letters ICA on the tallest peak, and the word cluttering on the part below the surface. Other peaks could contain the words: International, Volunteers, Clinicians, Researchers. This may not be possible in a small 1.5 inch logo!?


A rainbow running from left to right with in three of its colors the words "International" "cluttering", "association".


Dave Daly's umbrella with under the parts that point down ICA, Volunteers, Clinicians, Researchers, Persons who Clutter.


SUBMITTED: March 14, 2010

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