Bryngelson-Glaspey Articulation Test

My first introduction to Bryng Bryngelson was in my Articulation Disorders class in my undergraduate program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in the 1960's. We were give a copy of a score sheet and were told to take 5X8 notecards and find pictures to illustrate the Bryngelson-Glaspey Articulation Test to administer to children in our first clinical experience, which would happen the following semester. A longer articulation test was used in the University Speech and Hearing Clinic - I think it was called the Irwin-Hervey. I knew the first name - that was John Irwin who was the department chair, my instructor in Articulation Disorders and the then president of ASHA. But it wasn't until years later that I knew the name Bryngelson. I still don't know the names Glaspey or Hervey.

In cleaning out some old files, I found a copy of that first articulation test I used so many years ago. I've added it to the Bryngelson site for historical reference. Judy Kuster


added March 21, 2006