Ever since it started as a Gopher site in the mid 90's I have maintained the "Stuttering Home Page" as it grew into a massive resource for people who stutter and those who care about them. Veterans of the site will recognize its opening page which is not linked but reproduced as a jpeg here. One can still access, in the Web Archive, earlier versions that may still have some accessible active links, such as in this archive of the 2011 Stuttering Home Page.

The Stuttering Home Page main landing page until 2020

"Progress" always happens, and when my university moved to a new IT system the server on which the Stuttering Home Page resided was scheduled to shut down and ultimately be no longer accessible. The university generously offered to move the SHP to their new system, a costly and time-consuming task, which they concluded in the fall of 2021. I am very grateful that this effort preserved most of the SHP material in their new site. You can access it here.

Let me express my gratitude, for their help in preserving the old Stuttering Home Page and creating this new one, to the following persons:

I would also like to express my gratitude to the following for their help in the development of the old Stuttering Home Page

Some material I consider valuable did not make the transition to the new server. In addition, since I do not have access to the new site, I cannot update it with new material nor can I remove links that no longer work.

And so I have purchased a new domain (judykuster.net) and access to a non-university server for five years to start this new "Judy Kuster's Home Page." It will contain material old and new — old from the former SHP that should remain available, and new — for example the Mark Allen therapy program that was entrusted to me by his family after his untimely passing.

I am deeply indebted to Tom Kuster, my wonderful, patient husband (the love of my life) who is much smarter about technology than I am and whose help I continue to rely on in creating the new Judy Kuster's Home Page which will be available for at least the next five years.

If you wish to reach me, for now I still maintain my university email address.

First written at Christmas 2021.