The Harrowing Account of Emeline Trimble Fuller




At the urging of her friends, Emeline wrote about her life in a small book published in 1892, entitled Left by the Indians: Story of My Life. The book is now in the public domain, and you can read it here in a version reprinted in 1936. Note the dimly printed text on the left side of the title page which assures us that this work is out of copyright.

A facsimile of the original 1892 printing can be found in the Web Archive thanks to the Newberry Library. Judy once held this original book in her hands at the Newberry in Chicago.

We have more material about Emeline's life and will be adding it here in coming days, including how she and Judy are related. In the meantime, read this fascinating account. But be aware: it reflects some views of Native Americans that may have been considered acceptable at the time of writing but thankfully would not be expressed today.

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