Home Economics and Shop

When we were in seventth and eighth grade, MLS participated in a special program so the girls could have "Home Economics" and the boys could have "Shop."

In 1957 and 1958, the 7th and 8th graders went to East High School. Linda Piefer remembers: In 1957-58, we were bused from MLS to Madison East High School for Home Ec and P.E. I still have my cookbook! I remember doing the polka in P.E.!! I sewed an apron and a gathered skirt in Home Ec, and learned to cook. Great classes!

Judy's skirt project


The Cookbook

(from Janet Minor Gotrick) I tried sewing a top. It was an easy pattern, my mom sewed everything, so I thought I would do great. Well, I was wrong. I barely got a C-, and of course had to throw it out. Thank goodness that didn't stop me, though, as I love sewing. (My mom ended up teaching me.)

In 1961 this program was at Cherokee School

(from Doug Strand) We had four parts to the shop course: mechanical drawing, sheet metal (I made a garden troll in sheet metal that we were supposed to give to our mothers), woods, and I can't remember the fourth one. I liked mechanical drawing the best.

(From Thomas Ziegler) In 7th grade we went to a school on the west side somewhere. I remember a couple of 8th graders were a little rowdy on the bus. In 8th grade we went to Sherman School for shop class (1961-62).

In 1965, this program was at Marquette School