Parties: Times for Enjoying Friends


A Valentine's Day Party

Probably 1958


Eighth grade Halloween party at Eileen Bradley's house

October 25, 1961.
from Thomas Ziegler

first row left to right: Eileen Bradley, Darlene Krenz, Larry Tyler;
second row: Janice DeGroff, Kathy Barfknecht, Tom Ziegler, Don Warren;
third row: Ann Behrens, William Nunn?, Ken Mattison, Linda Osborn, Kay Jaech.

First row: Diane Harder, Mary Berger, Jerrianne Solheim, Marcia Hoelter, Sandra Altenburg;
second row: Isabel Hotchkiss, Larideen Peterson, Jim Nelson, Jon Schmidt


Grade 4 - Judy Maginnis' grade 4 birthday party


We'd just bought our first TV!

on the couch: Beth and Bonnie Jones, Ellen Thatcher (neighor friends), Linda Droster, Rosemary Marotz, Pat Dieruf
seated on the floor: Rebecca Reese, Sharon Shada, Judy Maginnis, Sue Reuling, Ruth Oesleby, Barbara Prescott, Carol Zielsdorff


front row: Rebecca Reese, Ruth Oesleby, Judy Maginnis, Lois Unger, Sue Reuling, Linda Vick, Nancy Remde
back row: Sharon Shada, Sharon Dieruf, Linda Droster, Carol Zielsdorff, Katy Oakey, Pat Dieruf
Others attended - my dad had trouble centering that camera! Some are on the next picture of that party


Grade 7 - Carol Zielsdorff and Judy Maginnis birthday party


seated: Jean Olson (cousin), Carol Zielsdorff, Carrie Imhoff (cousin), Judy Maginnis
next row: Ginny ?? (neighbor friend), Jane Bauman, Pat Dieruf, Rebecca Reese
next row: Ruth Oesleby, Nancy Remde, Sharon Splett and Carolyn Natvig (neighbor friends), Barbara Prescott, Lois Unger, Sue Reuling, Barbara Havey
back row?, Christine Prideaux (neighbor friend), ?, ?