The Students of Madison Lutheran School


In the charts below we have arranged the information we have about MLS students in two ways. The first gathers all information about a particular class, for all the years they attended from first to eighth grade, under the year they graduated. The second provides a snapshot of all the classes who were at the school in a particular school year. If a year in the charts is not a link, that means we have no information about that class or that school year. We will gladly add information we receive — send it to Judy Kuster.

Below the charts is a link to other information about the students of MLS.

If you wish to see all we have about your MLS
class, click on your graduation year below.
If you wish to see all the classes present during a
particular school year, click on the year below.

class of 1942
class of 1943
class of 1944
class of 1945
class of 1946
class of 1947
class of 1948
class of 1949
class of 1950
class of 1951
class of 1952
class of 1953
class of 1954
class of 1955
class of 1956
class of 1957
class of 1958
class of 1959
class of 1960
class of 1961
class of 1962
class of 1963
class of 1964
class of 1965
class of 1966
class of 1967
class of 1968
class of 1969
class of 1970

1941-42 school year at Eastside
1942-43 school year at Eastside
1943-44 school yearat Eastside
1944-45 school year
1945-46 school year
1946-47 school year
1947-48 school year
1948-49 school year
1949-50 school year
1950-51 school year
1951-52 school year
1952-53 school year
1953-54 school year
1954-55 school year
1955-56 school year
1956-57 school year
1957-58 school year
1958-59 school year
1959-60 school year
1960-61 school year
1961-62 school year
1962-63 school year
1963-64 school year
1964-65 school year
1965-66 school year
1966-67 school year at Eastside


Here is a list of all the students who we could verify attended Madison Lutheran School.