Assignment — Evaluating and Measuring Speech Fluency


Work in pairs or small groups for this assignment.

First, each member of your group should work individually to review two short videos of two individuals who stutter and determine:

      1. The individual's rate of speech in syllables/minute

      2. The frequency of disfluency
        • in stuttered syllables/minute
        • in percent stuttered syllables

      3. The types of disfluencies

      4. The average duration of stuttered disfluencies

      5. The overall severity of stuttering according to the SSI

There is a FREE online syllable counter available that you may find helpful, and a Speech Disfluency Count Sheet as well. Find these at the following URLs:
Syllable counter:
Count Sheet:

Second, after a few days, each member of the group should again review the videos individually and complete the calculation of stuttering frequency again in order to assess intra-judge consistency.

Finally, group members should compare their individual judgments of the videos to assess inter-judge agreement. In cases where inter-judge agreement is poor, you should view the videos together and come to agreement about what constitutes stuttering in each individual.