I was once fired because of my stammer. Despite the stammer, I have always enjoyed talking to people, and always tried not to let my life choices be affected by it." He is a marketing consultant and Vice Chair of the BSA. He posted a video, 'Stammering Is No Joke', on YouTube in 2007, complaining about their refusal to change the "Comedy" classification of some videos featuring PWS. Now it is probably the most viewed "serious" stuttering video on YouTube, it comes up first in a search for "stammering," and many of the offensive videos have been taken down. He is certainly not the only PWS who has chosen to speak to the Outside World through main media, such as the BBC, but he is one of the few to do so who still stutters significantly. Frustrating though it is to stutter in front of large audiences, he feels that somebody needs to do it, or we will not improve awareness and understanding. Leys' personal interests include art, writing, wine, cooking, current affairs, films, music and diving.