I am 50 years old and I am from New Jersey. I consider myself to be most the time now a moderate stutterer who still at times has severe tendencies. I am a blocker who has lots of secondary behaviors going on. I hate watching videos of how I look when I speak.

I don't avoid stuttering, but I don't really extend myself either. I talk when I have to, but if I don't have to at times I won't, even though I am known as a person who can't keep his mouth shut.

I really don't think about what caused my stutter, I only know that I do it. There is no history of stuttering in my family.

I guess my stutter was first noticed by my parents when I started to talk. I've been told that at the age of 4 it disappeared, but returned again with a vengence when I started school. All I remember back then is that I felt ugly and like a monster whenever I tried to talk. I guess as I have gotten older and more accepting that my speech has mellowed. I have been able to control the severity of my blocks and have learned to stutter in an easier manner. I have learned to become an effective communicator.