I consider myself to have a moderate stuttering problem. I often block on some sounds or words and prolong some letters or syllables. At times I can anticipate stuttering, especially when I am facing some words or sound that start with certain letters.

When I take a deep breath, I can sometimes avoid stuttering, or when I prolong on the first sound of a word that I know I will stutter on, it helps me get through that word. At present I do not avoid speaking situations because of stuttering.

I think I inherited stuttering from my father. I have several brothers and sisters, half brothers and sisters, cousins, nieces and nephews who stutter. Some recovered spontaneously from stuttering while others never recovered. I believe stuttering in my family has a genetic component, but I often also think that the environment may have had some influence.

My stuttering was first noticed when I began talking at about the age of two. I believe it was first noticed by my playmates when I was playing with them. As a child I tried very hard to communicate in spite of my stutter. I do not think my stuttering ever stopped me from talking when I was a child.

My stuttering did not seem to be a very big concern to my parents. Formerly they used to think that the stuttering in our family had a mystical basis. However, I do not share that belief. This doesn't mean that they folded their arms, sat and ignored it completely. I went through some, what in my country, was considered traditional therapy thanks to my parents who took me there to try to help my speaking.

As a child I dreamed of being a journalist. I think it was my stutter that killed that dream in me.

As an adult, my stuttering has influenced my ability to communicate. There are moments that I often feel afraid or ashamed of talking due to the fact that I have a stutter. I am concerned about the impression I think my listener(s) will have of me.