My name is Joseph Lukong. I come from Douala, in Cameroon, a country situated in central Africa. I am a member of the self-help group for people who stutter in Cameroon. We call it Speak Clear Association of Cameroon. I am the coordinator general chief executive of that association. I am also a member of the International Fluency Association. I'm also a member of the Board of Directors of the International Stuttering Association, ISA. The Speak Clear Association of Cameroon, whose activities I coordinate, started some years back. It started as a kind of a family support groupmovement because I happen to come from a family with several individuals who stutter. We have support groups meetings in some about some ten thousand Cameroon. Where I live in Douala, we have two support group meetings. One in ????? Douola and the other in ????? Douola. Formerly, we used to meet bimonthly, two times a month. Then we later discovered that was kind of too much for the members, we decided now to meet once a month, the first Sunday of every month we meet from around 3:00 til around 6 PM in the evening. We discuss several things related to stuttering, stammering. And we also deal with other social matters. OK I can be contacted in Douala by post, PO box 9598 Douala, Cameroon. Telephone number, 780-4945. E-mail lugotar arobayau dot com. LUGOTARarobayau dot com - Thank you