My stuttering was first noticed by my mother when I was two years old. When I first began to stutter, my symptoms were blockings and being unable to produce some sounds contained in words I wanted to say. When I was young, my stuttering was severe and I could hardly talk or utter a word. As an adult I can now control my stuttering and speak well compared to how I used to talk.

My parents reacted to my stuttering by trying one of the traditional methods in my country and when it didn't work, they simply sympathized with my situation. There was no availability of any modern treatment for stuttering so I was left to bear the effects of stuttering.

There is no history of stuttering in any of my family members. My family nor I have any explanation for my stuttering other than that is that way God made me.

Now, I consider myself to have a mild to moderate stuttering problem, and feel that my speech has changed for the better. However, I have personally recognized beyond reasonable doubt that my stuttering becomes severe in the absence of moonlight and becomes mild at the sight of the moon. I don't have any explanation for this and suggest your University carry out research to establish this phenomenon.

When I stutter, the words sometimes simply do not come out for a time. There is a blockage, followed by some sound. I speak slowly some times and it improves my fluency. I also change words, including not saying my full name because I am sure to stutter on part of it, and I avoid speaking when there is a big crowd and have problems communicating with people in authority positions. I avoid any other movement to reduce reaction from my audience.

Despite my stuttering, my speech has not interfered with my career choice.