The individual in this video is multi-lingual. English is not his first language.

My name is Salad Tutana I come from Isulu, Kenya. Isulu, Kenya. The name of our self-help group is Speak Easy Promotions. My role is in the organization is to act as a secretary. We formed the organization after we went to the first African conference through the project of the ISA, which is the help us to start sister group all over Africa. We have now we have over sixty-two members who have joined this self-help group. We meet after two months every now every now we meet after two months and we discuss we carry awareness through meetings. Some of us work with another organization where chairman of the organization is also a counselor. He's a nominated counselor through public meetings, but he give he always gives us priority to the awareness of the stuttering. Although we, all over the country, people are not they don't they are not able to assist, the speech therapy. There is a need be to carry out awareness all over the country. We did our first media interview, which was broadcasted in the leading, the leading national televisons. So that was a wonderful thing we did for the first time. And right now we are looking for funding, but you know the other agencies the other agencies they don't fund because the stuttering is new to them. They cannot be modified. And they we have pushed for the change of the disability act where not even the government have accepted to recognize stuttering as a disability, like ?????. The bill the act is before the parliament, is supposed to be passed by the parliament. It has not been yet passed. I think when the government is going to pass we are going there is a lot of relatedattached to that. For any contacts I'm the secretary Salad Tutana at yahoo dot com.