The following is a copy of the 4-page "camp bulletin" that was sent to parents of campers in preparation for the 1965 camp session. It is shared by a camper from that year, Steve Rosen.


Bulletin for Campers — 1965

The University of Michigan



In asking your attention to these items, we automatically remind you that the time is near at hand for the 1965 season at Shady Trails Camp.

The Camp office after June Ist will be at Northport. Mail to reach us on and after that date should be addressed there.


Campers are expected to arrive in camp on Saturday or Sunday, June 26th or 27th. Activities are under way on Monday morning, June 28th.


Use the enclosed order blank, and mail order and remittance direct to MOB SPORT SHOPS, 711 North University, Ann Arbor, Michigan. The minimum requirement indicated is for new campers. Former campers may order as needed to replace their wardrobe.

The camp does not have a uniform short. For campers in the younger boys' groups, we recommend a supply of four (4) pair of shorts in gray, blue or khaki. For campers in the older boys' groups, we recommend a supply of three (3) pair of shorts. Shorts come in two lengths and for camp use we recommend the "short" short.

A good suit is next to useless in camp. One pair of shorts for young campers and one pair of slacks for older campers will be reserved for out-of-camp wear. Please mark all clothing, preferably with name tapes.


The camp supplies all bedding - blankets, sheets and cases. It does not supply other linens - towels, wash cloths, etc. Stationery and class supplies are supplied to the camper on a small flat charge to his "petty cash" account.

It is expected that campers will be supplied with an ample amount of socks, pajamas, handkerchiefs, etc. A heavy sweater and jacket and a couple of pairs of old trousers are useful for rainy and cold days. Tooth brush, tooth paste, and other personal toilet articles are necessary items. A camper should have four full sized Turkish towels and an equal number of wash cloths, plus a couple bars of "floating" soap. Two small laundry bags are necessary items. Flashlights, tennis racquets, musical instruments, fishing tackle, etc. are useful. Hunting knives and hatchets should not be brought to camp.

Each camper must provide himself with a 3-ring notebook, size 6 1/2 x 9. to take the size sample herewith enclosed. Contents of notebook will be supplied at camp.

Each article brought to camp must be marked plainly with the camper's name. Name tapes should be sewn on clothing. The name on a piece of adhesive tape serves the purpose for other items. The marking of all clothing is a MUST.


Each camper will make a deposit of at least $50.00 in his "petty cash" account at camp opening. The deposit must be somewhat larger if, for example, the camper brings a camera to camp and thus charges films, flash bulbs and prints to his account. Charges against this account include his personal laundry, postage, haircuts, spending change, etc. An itemized account is rendered at the close of the season and an adjustment is made either in favor of the camper or of the camp.

Personal laundry usually goes to a "home" laundry in a nearby village


No one anticipates accidents or illness and Shady Trails Camp takes the greatest possible care to prevent them. Nevertheless, the coverage of the group policy is sensible. The low cost requires 100% participation by campers and staff. Since this insurance covers in-camp as well as hospital care it cannot be replaced by Blue Cross or other similar insurance.

This insurance reimburses for all expenses of medical and surgical treatment, hospital expense, nurses fees, X-ray, etc., for any accident or illness incurred during the camping season. The limit of reimbursement provided for each camper is $2,500.00 per accident, or $2,500.00 per illness. The cost is $6.00 for the full camp period.


Any kind of a scratch or injury which occurs in the presence of ground dirt must be considered as a potential source for tetanus infection. In the light of present medical practice, all doctors would feel that such an injury would require anti-tetanus therapy. Tetanus antitoxin is made from horse serum and therefore is hazardous. To avoid the possible need for tetanus antitoxin we advise that all campers receive a protective dose of tetanus-toxoid from their family physician before they enter camp. (The tetanus-toxoid does not contain any horse serum and for that reason a booster dose of the toxoid,, if it were necessary to give while in camp., would offer no serious reactions.) We ask that each camper send a certificate from his doctor stating when the tetanus immunization was done. Record this on the "health record sheet."


All items - letters, newspapers, packages - should be addressed to the camper, c/o Shady Trails Camp, Northport, Michigan.

The camp supplies a more than adequate diet at all times. It is hoped that parcel post and express will not be used to send candy, cake or other edibles. They have no place in camp between meals.


It is requested that campers have no visitors during the first three weeks of the session. It is also requested that not more than one visit from home be made during the session (in addition to the visits on opening and closing dates). The third or fourth Sunday of the season is suggested as the desirable visiting day. During the visit parents may arrange to take their son out of camp for a few hours and/or a meal. In the best interest of all campers an overnight trip out of camp is not permitted.


The camp should be informed of the address of parents throughout the season. Advice of a change of address., even during a short vacation period, is a MUST.


At the Tuesday evening meal for each of the weeks of the camp season, those campers who have a birthday on that date or during the week previous have a birthday cake appropriately decorated and candied. This cake is delivered to the camper's table in the semi-darkness of "lights out" in the dining room and with a rousing "Happy Birthday" for each celebrant. Note is made of this so that cakes will not be sent from a camper's home.


The camp will appreciate advice about travel plans. Even though the trip to camp is to be made by family auto we would like to be so advised. Please drop us a card or letter about travel plans.

Many parents plan to bring their sons to camp. We will welcome the opportunity to show parents the camp and to consult with them. There are well paved roads to the camp. The camp is located on M-22, twenty-five miles from Traverse City (about two miles north of the Village of Omena and about four miles south of the Village of Northport).

Plane or bus will be met in Traverse City by a camp representative if we are advised of the place and time of arrival or if contacted at the camp by phone upon arrival in Traverse City.

North Central Airlines advises of daily plane schedules from Detroit (Willow Run) and Chicago to Traverse City. Early reservation is required. Greyhound Bus Company advises of daily service from both Detroit and Chicago to Traverse City.


We are glad to have parents have a meal with us at camp if and when they pay a visit about mid-season or at the time of camp closing. There is a minimum charge for meals. Extra places in the camp dining room are limited and advance reservation is requested.

The camp has no over-night accommodations for parents. The following is a brief list of recommended accommodations in the area of Traverse City and reservations may be made directly with the hotel or motel: Park Place Motor Inn, Traverse City, is the best hotel in the area. Address the Manager for reservations.

Briar Hill Motel. Munson Avenue at 8th Street, Traverse City, is a new and modern fifteen unit motel. Highly recommended.

Bakers Acre's Motel, U.S. #31 North, Traverse City, is a thirty-eight unit modern motel - housekeeping facilities in ten units.

Gustely's Sandy Beach Resort, U.S. #31 North, Traverse City, has six bungalow units and six kitchenette units.

Blue Water Court, U.S. #31 North, Traverse City - modern.

Grand Traverse Motel., 1010 East Front Street, Traverse City., is a ten unit new motel near downtown Traverse City.

Waterland Motel, 834 East Front Street., Traverse City, is a five unit new and modern motel near down town Traverse City.

Sanders Grand Traverse Bay Cottages, Suttons Bay, Michigan - nine new and modern one and two bedroom cottages. This is on M-22 between Traverse City and the camp.

Knorrvood Motel, 305 Munson Avenue, Traverse City (U.S. #31 North)- Ten units - new, modern and attractive.

Sunrise Landing Motel, Northport. Eight new and modern units directly on the bay and practically adjoining the camp.

Since Traverse City is a resort community and there are many camps in the area opening and closing on the same week-ends, early reservations are necessary.


The camp will make three reports during the season. The first will be made shortly after the first week of camp and will advise of the camper's early adjustment. The second, shortly after the third week, will include an evaluation of the camper's speech problem and a description of our goals for his therapy program. The third and final report will be made between the sixth week and the close of the season and will summarize the camper's response to the program and give recommendations for continued welfare.


Classes and all other activities of the camp run through Friday, August 20th. Saturday, August 21st, is given over to leaving. Again, we will welcome the opportunity to meet with parents who come to camp for their sons, to discuss the session and our recommendations. We would prefer to make reservations for those who must return home by plane or bus.

Accommodations cannot be provided for campers later than 4:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon, August 21st. Since our time immediately thereafter is also scheduled we cannot make exceptions.



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