Workbook cover

The Student Workbook

Title Page and Table of Contents

First Things First

Stuttering Modification Strategies: Working with Your Stuttering

Catching the Stutter

Relaxing the Stutter


Easy Stuttering


Fluency-Enhancing Strategies: Working with Your Fluency

Relaxed Breath

Slow Stretched Speech

Smooth Movement

Easy Voice

Light Contact

Stretched Speech

Linked Relaxation Rhythm

Extra Intonation

Nearly Natural Speech

Natural Speech

Final Thoughts

Practice Materials

Smooth Movement Words

Smooth Movement Chart

Easy Voice Chart

Easy Voice Words

Light Contact Chart

Light Contact Words

Smooth Movement Phrases

Easy Voice Phrases

Light Contact Phrases

Smooth Movement Sentences

Easy Voice Sentences

Light Contact Sentences

Smooth Movement Paragraphs

Easy Voice Paragraphs

Light Contact Paragraphs